IT Development

Powering your Business with our End-to-End IT Competencies

OOPS LABS has a formidable portfolio of solutions and services for our IT development expertise. We come across as one of the few technology solutions providers that present a holistic range of services, right from enterprise web app development, QA testing and ERP, to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, and web and e-commerce applications.

Our value offerings

Our DBA solutions are tailor made to cater to your enterprise IT needs and are scalable to future growth objectives of your company. Be it specialist DBA workforce addition, DBA architecture consultation, skilled database administration, backups, fine tuning, health checks, Tech Support, or even installing new databases, migration, we can do all this and much more.

  1. Application Development and Maintenance – We provide on-site, near shore, and off shore IT skills and help complement your in-house IT team to drive max out of your IT business efficiencies. In scenarios of shrinking budgets combined with high performance expectation, outsourcing the enterprise application development and maintenance services to us makes complete business sense. It not only frees up your team to focus on more mission critical tasks, but also substantially reduces the Total Cost of Ownership for your business.
  2. QA and Testing – OOPS LABS firmly believes that an enterprise or consumer application is only as good as the amount of effort invested in testing it for all real life case scenarios. Our robust QA and testing services ensures value at three key levels –
    • Removing all defects that negatively influence the business use of the application
    • Ensure a high degree of stability under pressure conditions
    • Drive the release and deployment of a superior quality product
    Our testing competencies span functional, automation, units, and performance testing.
  3. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence – We have proven capabilities in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DW BI). We possess deep domain knowledge, extensive consulting aptitude, strong implementation frameworks and accelerators, and sturdy enterprise performance management. All these skills work together to let you gain actionable insights from tons of structured and unstructured data. Right from business case design, and BI vision and roadmap development, to DW re-engineering, data transformation, and data visualization, our approach factors in your particular business challenge, so that out solutions cater to these specific concerns for better RoI.
  4. ERP – We offer an all-round focus on ERP solutions and services with the help of highly trained and skilled staff. We provide specialist focus on ERP implementation, consulting and transformation services. We deal in SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and Tier II ERP implementation. We also provide on-site ERP training, GAP analysis, data migration, creation of documentation and deployment handover, and formulate sales optimization strategy. All our solutions are deeply customized to meet your business challenges head on and show positive bottom lines as an outcome.
  5. Web and E-Commerce Applications – We have expert proficiencies in developing enterprise class web and e-commerce applications. Our solutions are geared to help you with your online customer acquisition strategy and let you explore online opportunities with the help of robust, scalable, future ready applications that score very high on user engagement. Our omni-channel web and e-commerce applications provide everlasting user experience that propels repeat business and lets you enjoy top of mind recall value from your target audience.

You can easily depend on OOPS LABS to align its operational practices to database technology processes and thus deliver as per the SLA agreed upon. Get ready to match dynamic business needs with our highly flexible and customized database solutions devised and designed exclusively for you.