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Flexible Database Management Service Delivery Options Just for You

At the heart of our database management and administration expertise is a company-wide commitment to providing the highest level of security, affordability, scalability and performance with our database skills. OOPS LABS systematic and fact-driven approach helps us deliver world class database management and administration solution only for your enterprise. Our decade old experience in providing end-to-end administration and management of all popular types of databases for our esteemed clients across industry verticals or across geographic locations.

Our expertise spans 24 X 7 support on major DB platforms such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB and IBM DB2. We strive to understand your current IT environment, client demands, and future needs to propose a fully integrated yet highly effective database system to meet your business objectives.


Our DBA solutions are tailor made to cater to your enterprise IT needs and are scalable to future growth objectives of your company. Be it specialist DBA workforce addition, DBA architecture consultation, skilled database administration, backups, fine tuning, health checks, Tech Support, or even installing new databases, migration, we can do all this and much more.

We help you to contain costs and improve efficiencies with the aid of proven processes and industry best practices and tools in database administration. We offer the below cutting edge DBA services -

  • Part-Time DBA
  • Part-Time DBA
  • Offshore and Offsite DBA
  • Easy Made DBA
  • Train Your DBA

Expert database support services that delivers results

We provide both proactive and highly relevant reactive database support to eliminate unwarranted actions that might affect valuable enterprise data. We help optimize your service delivery mechanism with highly contextual and tailor made database administration and management services that include the below –

  • Database health checks
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup and storage
  • Primary DBA
  • Support Level DBA

Our end to end database management and administration expertise offers value at multiple levels – be it User/ Schema management, migration from legacy systems, query optimization and data encryption, to capacity planning, automation, virtualization, patching and masking.

DBA staffing that is second to none

Over the past decade, we have gained substantial industry exposure with our operational dealings. This has allowed us to build a formidable reputation in the DBA staffing domain. With our deep domain knowledge, we have the capabilities and capacity to ensure that the right talent meets right job vacancy within your organization. This helps you to gain immense value potential from the hired DBA candidate and extract max performance to the benefit of your company.

You can easily depend on OOPS LABS to align its operational practices to database technology processes and thus deliver as per the SLA agreed upon. Get ready to match dynamic business needs with our highly flexible and customized database solutions devised and designed exclusively for you.